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At Sukari Parish, the woman’s Guild had a very successful week from 26th May 2024 – 2nd June 2024 in our church

The following activities were successful under taken.

On Monday 26th May 2024

The woman’s guild did the morning devotion in Kirk TV which was aired live.

In the evening from 7.30Pm -9.00PM. Reverend Dr.  J.C. Kamau did the launch which was well attended.

On Tuesday 27th May 2024

They did an outreach mission to the Bodaboda riders breakfast with a message from our youth pastor Kuria Maina and one man got saved, Fifty one  Men were in attendance We give all the glory and honour to God.

On Wednesday 28th May 2024

The woman’s Guild did a health talk in the members respective districts which was very successful.

On Thursday 29th May 2027

They visited all the elderly and Children with special needs within our districts  with the Consent from the parents which was very successful and well done because they were able to visit thirty six  needy cases within our community.

On Friday 30th May 2024

They had a very successful dinner with a message which was co-hosted with the JPRC and there was a talk on land and property transactions by John Wambugu.

On Saturday 1st June 2024

They participated in the wedding for one of their members son which was well attended.

On Sunday 2nd June 2024

They did all the activities in church and had a very successful week.

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