ROPES means Rites of Passage Experiences and is a year long program concluded by a week long camp that is designed to assist children between the ages of 13-14 transition from childhood into young adulthood. The program was started by Muhia Karianjahi and was run by a trust of 5 churches called Tanari Trust.

ROPES was developed out of a need to give our young people guided transition from childhood to adulthood. This practice was quite common in the olden days, but with urbanization this practice has declined. With the ROPES program we ensure that the growth and development of our young people is not left to chance.

PCEA Sukari ROPES® aims at creating a deliberate and guided transition of the candidates

from childhood to adulthood in a holistic way based on the Word of God.

“And Jesus grew in Wisdom and Stature, and in Favor with God and men.” Luke 2:52

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Eld. Wamahiga Wambugu
Eld. Wamahiga WambuguRopes Patron
Phone: +254725655355
Jack Mbuthia
Jack MbuthiaRopes Coordinator – Boys Camp
Phone: +254729393973
Joan Kironji
Joan Kironji Ropes Coordinator – Girls Camp
Phone: +254796655896
Joy Waithaka
Joy WaithakaRopes Board Secretary
Phone: +254711514099