Virtual Engagement

One of our key roles is understanding the unique needs of our members and ensuring those needs are met within the scope of our vision. The virtual engagement offers this platform where those needs are discussed by key professionals from within and without who equip and empower members concerning issues that are ordinarily never discussed on the pulpit.

Listen to our latest virtual engagements below

Virtual Engagement

Among the topics discussed before are:

• Emotional Stability

• Dealing with Anxiety

• Mental Health

• Christianity And Culture

• Biblical Womanhood

• Dealing with Toxic Relationships

• Dealing with Loss and Grief

• New COVID-19 Variants

• Dealing with Negative Energy

• Communication in Families

• Family Secrets

• How to Do and Lead Bible Study

• Intervention for Family Caregivers

• Dealing with Crisis

• Budgeting and Planning

• Parenting

• Passing the Gem to the next Generation

• Financial Freedom

• Savings and Investments

• Dealing with Loans and Debts

• Leadership

• Matrimonial Property

• Pitfalls in conveyancing and land transfer processes

• Parenting Adult Children

• Boundaries in Families

• Dealing with Employment Dynamics Amidst COVID-19

• Succession planning

• Building a Culture of Innovation

The latest Virtual Engagement

The latest virtual engagements touched on Parenting Adult Children and Family Boundaries. Our Facilitator Dr June Nyutu highlighted that Parenting is a long-life commitment which also gets complicated, and it shifts and changes over the course of life. Though parents see it as their job to shape their children, children also shape the lives of their parents. In her presentation, she gave nuggets that would help both parents and their adult children to maintain a healthy relationship. In her second presentation, she emphasized more on the need to set boundaries especially when children grow up and get married or leave homes. Parenting should never mean running or micromanaging your children all through.

But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus his Son cleanses us from all sin.

1 John 1:7. 7