Our Committees

Information Communication Technology

Communication is a pertinent element for any individual or organization to be able to excel in what they do. The ICT Department enables the church to enhance the use of technology thus facilitation increased efficiency of work and keeping those inside and outside the church informed of what is happening.

If you wish to join the ICT team. Kindly fill up the form by clicking the Sign Up button below.

Development Team


Just like Jesus Christ, our heart has always been to build the community around us.
The Development Committee exists to advice and execute on setting up establishments that
will be of benefit to the church as well as the entire community.
The development team is open for any member who would like to join.

If you wish to join, you can do so by signing up on the button below.

Transport Committee


Our need for a dedicated transport system had been growing over the years with
our school and the outreach that we do both far and near. This committee oversees
the purchase of buses and hiring of the bus drivers. In addition to this, it is
their mandate to ensure that the buses are up and running whenever they are needed as
well as advice the church on transport matters.

We invite you to join the transport committee if you would like to join.

Security Team

Since our establishment, God has been gracious to us allowing our numbers to be multiplied as
well as the assets that we have as a church. The need for securing the assets that God has entrusted
to us has been on the rise. In light of this, this sub-committee advises and implements the employment
of the various security measures to ensure that the church property is safe.